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    Dee Levy

    Happy New Year 2017!

    Caitlyn Jenner Meets The Cross Dresser’s Wife…only in LA LA Land

    A so-called ‘chance’ meeting took place on a normal LA December afternoon. It was my local Starbucks but not my normal time to visit. She walked in seconds after I did; yet her order with her eldest daughter, took less time than mine. As I was paying I felt a huge person behind me. I looked because I realized it was not a man who walked over to the counter but an extra large attractive woman, who I finally recognized as Caitlyn Jenner.

    Urgently I asked my assistant to grab a copy of my book from my car, The Cross Dresser’s Wife: Our Secret Lives. It was a successful mission and turned out to be a great way to introduce myself and my work to Caitlyn. Since Bruce Jenner transitioned into Caitlyn Jenner  so much is changing. Worldviews and knowledge about gender are expanding rapidly; some would say exponentially there has been a shift. Everyone has opinions but finally some facts are being revealed by people like Caitlyn. However, ignorance still dominates the topic of gender within the general public. Nonetheless, Jenner- has brought us a long way into the multifaceted world of gender & sexuality.

    “How do you do Caitlyn? I am Dee A Levy, the cross dresser wife. Here is a copy of my book.” Now I had her attention. She was not anticipating that move- nor was her eldest daughter Cassandra from 1st wife Chystie Crowover . Cassandra Jenner was overtly comfortable accompanying her father- who is now living as a beautiful, extra large woman.  To my chagrin, Caitlyn was kind to me at all times.  Some could say she was even lady like.

    Given my eleven year non profit’s background ( which gives voice for supporting cross dressers wives, I used to dream of conversing with Caitlyn Jenner about gender and it’s complexities, including how truth is so important to everyone. Cross dressers wives hearts and lives were being torn to shreds and someone somewhere had to care. “The foundation of a home has to be on settled concrete, right Caitlyn?” When the foundation of a house is cracked- the house is in shambels, right Caitlyn? She heard my message loud and clear as I heard hers for support of young transgenders. Caitlyn discussed her work and concern for young transgender children/pre pubescent and for all trans children.

    My dream became reality as we communicated about honesty for ALL! Thank you Caitlyn for taking the time to speak with me. I look forward to another ‘chance’ meeting. It was destiny…and I was so confident, since I had so many of your voices and experiences in my heart & mind. Thank you to all who has contacted me over these now almost 11 years of Cross Dressers Wives NPO  &

    Her last remarks to me were, “I cannot wait to read your book” and her daughter said – “please let me read it after you,” as Caitlyn placed my book in her giant black leather designer bag.  We chuckled over our circumstances: Me as a spokes person for cross dressers wives and she for all transgender

    Embarrassingly, I felt compelled to warn Caitlyn that she would hate the true five stories in the book and to keep in the forefront of her mind that these raw heartbroken and some angry women (myself included) wrote about their true individual experiences of being married to a cross dresser and living decades of lies/deceit and betrayals.

    Life surprised me on my birthday! Thank you Caitlyn.

    PS It is hilarious that the first question most people ask me about Caitlyn was…what was she wearing? Answer: A basic, classic, chocolate brown cashmere, long-sleeved sweater, tight blue jeans and high-healed dark brown boots.

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