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    I am saddened but understand why the old forum closed. I always supported the old forum. I felt is was a starting point for wives a place to share and ask question. It saddens me that a small few that used the site to cause trouble. I never posted like the few trouble makers wanted everyone to think. I would have been happy to answer all the questions ask of me but early on I tried and the comments after we’re not beneficial to anyone. Those comment and the ones that followed about me never bothered me personally. What bothered me was that the wives that needed help would read false statements with no evidence to back those claims. If they truly wanted to help they all had and have the offer that has been here from day one from me. I will talk to you for free the first hour. I will address the many question ask of me now in a place that doesn’t allow such disregard for the wives that are hurting enough. I look forward to addressing all the question and offering advice to anyone who wants.

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