Many CDW have felt silenced ever since Bruce Jenner came out- that …

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    Dee Levy

    Yes, many CDW have stated that they feel guilty about their true feelings about their husband’s cross dressing. Some say the media alone floods us with new transgenders, transexuals but what about the cross dresser’s wife? Yes I have viewed the cable show Transparency as well as the infamous, I Am Cait. People should watch such shows for many reasons. It is highly educational; They make people laugh- but at what cost? Also the narcissistic elements such as their bizarre needs take over everything else in the family. This ideology of selfishness and almost obsessive levels of cross dressing can take over some of their lives. And what happens to their wives?

    Are we being made to feel bad because we are having a problem with our husbands cross dressing? If so we must turn this around and become empowered by our truths and share it with your husbands or partners. Tell them exactly how you feel. You earned that right to set down boundaries and disclose your needs, wants and desires.

    The cost we often ultimately pay as CDW down the road is that the condition normally escalates and many marriages have lost intimacy.Forever.

    Please find comfort knowing- you are not alone. There are thousands of us. There are more cross dressers wives than cross dressers.

    Gratefully Yours,
    Dee Levy, MA
    (AKA The Founder)

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