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    Dear ladies

    I am saddened and disappointed with the wives that claimed that if Dee changed the site,claiming that I was not helping and I was the problem with this site.that if I wasn’t allowed on the sight that it would be so much better! They claimed that they were here to help other wives in the same situation they were in. WELL WHERE ARE YOU?????

    To the wives I have talk to you will always be on my mind and in my thoughts and prayers.

    To the sad wives and CDs that were trolls and trouble makers shame on you!!!! At a time when wives and women need support and help you did nothing but deepen there pain and suffering.

    I am proud of what I have done to help the ones I spoke with as I know and they know I was a person that listened and comforted and offered advice that helped them all.

    Dee I thank you for the hard work and for having this site. You will be blessed for your work.

    To all new comers here please join and speak your mind this is a safe place for you to vent and seek advice. Dont be silenced by the feel good media that has no idea the pain and collateral damage crossdressers cause.
    You all know but no one has a clue in the media.

    Thank you all

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    As I figured all the people that said they wanted to help only wanted to cause trouble!!!! Sad case for all the hurting wives and women in pain.

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    Tim, exactly who are you? Are you a therapist? I’m curious because your posts are more about you with only a backhand to the wives. This site has been silent for so long. Where are your “first of many” posts that could help the wives that are suffering in silence?

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