Dee A. Levy, Founder of the and, published The Cross Dresser’s Wife, Our Secret Lives in 2011 to chronicle her journey through 20 years of living with a cross dresser and share the stories of other women with cross dressing partners.

Powerful and engaging, this international collection of thoughts and short stories emanating from the non-profit website offers valuable and emotionally intimate social commentary on the taboo subculture of cross dressing and, for the first time, exposes the shocking secret lives of cross dressers’ wives or partners who silently grapple with the issue of cross dressing (transvestism) in their marriage or relationship.

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A much needed book, a window into a secret world few know about.  A book of courage, wisdom and truth, whose voices will inspire many women to tell their stories and reclaim their lives.  Brava!

Veronice De Laurentiis

Best Selling Author, Rivoglio La Mia Vita (Claiming My Life)

This book provides support and compassion to women who may be struggling with their issues as cross dressers’ wives. There is no doubt that the stories and insights presented here are vital for anyone who is on a journey of self-actualization.

Gary Quinn

Best Selling Author, Living in the Spiritual Zone

…a pioneering foray into painful territory previously foreign to most of us. The stories are sad, illuminating and gripping to read. They are tales of dreams poisoned, of trust betrayed, and of the toxic and infectious fruits of social ostracism; this book’s reach extends beyond its immediate subject.

Anne Strick

Author, Injustice For All